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AspiromCRM helps businesses build long-lasting connections with their customers by providing a variety of features for nurturing customer relationships.

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Aspirom CRM

AspiromCRM helps businesses build long-lasting connections with their customers by providing a variety of features for nurturing customer relationships. This unique CRM software has all tools for collaboration and organization at a single place, for creating the best customer experience through seamless processes and timely actions. By automating sales, support and marketing tasks, AspiromCRM reduces time, effort and money required for each task while increasing efficiency, effectiveness and timeliness.

AspiromCRM is fully customizable to meet your unique requirements, with access to source code.


Best Automated CRM Software for Businesses


AspiromCRM allows the marketing team to identify and target potential clients and generate quality leads.


AspiromCRM helps to increase sales, by helping to identify quality leads, follow them up in time and prioritise the follow up activities.


AspiromCRM is highly effective in managing after-sales service to ensure good customer service and nurture loyalty.


How CRM Works

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is the term used to refer to the technologies that help business organizations manage as well as analyse customer interactions, sort and store customer data for building long-term customer relationships and drive sales growth. AspiromCRM saves customer data collected from various channels including company's website, telephone, live chat, email and social media. Using this data, which can include personal information, purchase history and preferences, the marketing team can create effective strategies.

In the next stage, AspiromCRM helps to manage leads, by identifying and prioritizing quality leads and systematically following them up, till they are converted. Further, AspiromCRM proves highly effective in designing campaigns, conducting automated email campaigns, tracking customer grievances and much more. In short, AspiromCRM takes your organization's customer relationship management to the next level.


Our Features

Centralized Administration

Setting up different CRM systems for different departments under the same company can be time consuming. AspiromCRM helps to coordinate CRM activities across different departments.

Contact Administration

The contact management feature of AspiromCRM helps businesses manage their contacts effectively. It stores data and integrates this data with communication tools such as emails, phone and SMS.

Lead Collection

AspiromCRM helps business organizations identify quality leads and convert them. This software also helps to analyse data of different leads and measure ROI from online ads.

Campaign Management

Aspirom CRM enables effective planning, management and analysis of marketing campaigns. Further, it helps you analyse the results of these campaigns and evaluate them.

Email Campaign Management

AspiromCRM helps you conduct more organized, more personalized and more effective email campaigns, focusing on individual clients and reaching out to them in a more personalized manner.

Opportunities Engagement

AspiromCRM is highly effective in opportunity management by helping businesses find and close more deals. This unique CRM software also helps to maximize customer engagement, allowing you to explore all opportunities for interacting with customers.

Case Handling

AspiromCRM makes effective case handling possible by helping to monitor overdue cases, know how many cases each of your operators has and reassign the cases, if necessary.

Email & SMS Feedback Management

The feedback management feature of AspiromCRM helps businesses manage feedback of the customers from emails and SMSs, thus helping to find ways for engaging them proactively.


Get deeper insights by creating customised reports on your business health with AspiromCRM software. Data from multiple modules can be included in these reports, based on which you can take more effective decisions.

Employee Tracking

AspiromCRM makes possible automatic employee monitoring, by providing detailed data on employee productivity and their day-to-day activities. It means you can manage the employees more effectively with half the effort.

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